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A team player with a keen interest in business; Skilled analytical thinking and problem solving; Sincere and genuine interest in Advertising and Design


Interns are provided with relevant training that can be immediately applied to working projects. Interns are also introduced to networking events within the industry where they will interact with both the clients and professionals in their desired field.

Available Career Paths


Account Manager

The Account Manager acts as a liaison between the client and the company’s creative team. The main purpose is to ensure that the client is satisfied with every aspect of the project.


Responsible for creating and drawing the colorful moving images that appear on television, in films, and in video games. Write storyline for characters and put cartoons together with special effects, soundtracks, and other layouts

Art Director

Responsible for the creation and design of advertisements and print materials. Assists in interpreting client’s vision for TV commercials, advertising, and photo shoots. Oversees entire process of advertisement design, including concept, creation, and production.


Responsible for brainstorming, creating, and transforming ideas into words for articles, advertisements, publications, and pamphlets. Writes words and text for television commercials, radio, Internet content, jingles, websites, press releases,
flyers, and direct mail literature

Creative Director

Responsible for guiding a team of employees in an advertising or marketing setting. Approves what ideas and concepts go forward to the client. Makes quick decisions under tight deadlines.

Digital Marketer

Responsible for the successful management of digital strategy for client brands. The role requires an innovator and progressive thinker who can connect digital to all other aspects of a client business and drive growth opportunities. The Digital Marketing Strategist answers key questions such as how brands are communicated and experienced through digital interactions,and how digital interactions fit into broader customer experiences.

Film Editor

Responsible for cutting and editing film footage until it meets a director’s approval. Rearranges and splices scenes that have already been shot, determines if scenes need to be re-shot, and inserts music, sound, or optical effects.

Graphic Designer

Responsible for creating a visible image that can be used in media and print. Uses software and hand-rendering to design products that meet the needs of the client.


Responsible for creating visuals using a variety of techniques and media. Works with two-dimensional art forms, using shading, perspective, and color to produce scenes.

IT Specialist

Responsible for applying technical expertise to the implementation, monitoring, or maintenance of IT systems. Specialists typically focus on a specific computer network, database, or systems administration function. Specialty areas include network analysis, system administration, security and information assurance, IT audit, database administration, web administration, and more.

Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities at a company or organization. Takes steps to measure, enhance, and enrich the position and image of a company through various goals and objectives.

Media Planner

Responsible for planning the purchase of ad space for clients. Decides when and where ads should be placed and negotiates rates for ads.

Mobile App Developer

Responsible for development of new mobile web applications using primarily Javascript, jQuery, CSS and HTML.


Responsible for overseeing and managing a company’s information technology projects. Coordinates project phases from development to installation. Acts as liaison between clients, vendors, and consultants.

PR Manager

Responsible for managing a public relations department along with its staff. Directs publicity programs and campaigns,improves public image of company, and clarifies company’s point of view on important issues.

Project Manager

Responsible for overseeing and managing a company’s information technology projects. Coordinates project phases from development to installation. Acts as liaison between clients, vendors, and consultants.

SEO Planner/Specialist

Responsible for improving a company’s organic search results. Creates and launches SEO campaigns, identifies areas of improvement, runs PPC campaigns, and attempts to improve the clients’ sites’ rankings in major search engines.

Social Media Manager

Responsible for improving and building a company’s online presence and brand awareness through use of social media networks, blogs and online search engine optimization. Requires individuals with strong online communication and business analytic skills. 

Web Developer

Responsible for using software languages and other tools to create Web applications. Delivers on the technical aspects of websites.



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